The lockdown was imposed for the safety of the citizens. All the citizens were forced to adopt the habit of staying indoor, and over the passing months, we are certainly trying to cope with the new normal.

Staying within the boundaries of the house for almost 9 months is now becoming a challenge for a lot of us and even after the unlock when people are planning to go out, the paranoia is quite gripping. In such challenging times, it becomes imperative that we try and maintain an active lifestyle not just for the sake of physical fitness but also to stay fit mentally. 

Lockdown has been a great time for those who were able to spend more time with the family. Using this newfound family time, one can also try and do activities together so that it will keep routine and boredom at bay.

Below are some of the top ways to ensure an active lifestyle while helping the mind to relax and rejuvenate. One can also involve children in these activities and make sure that they also get a break from the online classes and feel refreshed.

1. Quick workouts

A quick 30 min workout with stretching and Yoga is a great way to start the day. Sometimes it may get difficult to pack in a workout routine in the morning. In such times doing some quick exercises in the evening also is very beneficial.

It also helps to give the mind and body a much-needed break. Some easy exercises can also be done with the children, helping them burn off their energy.

2. Mental exercises

The mind needs a break, but we also need to keep ourselves sharp and attentive. To do so, it is highly recommended to solve puzzles and learn new things. One can do research and try to understand something new or solve puzzles and crosswords.

3. Try something new

The family is home, and everyone at some point in the day is exhausted. Trying a new activity such as cooking, painting or even dancing will be a great way to indulge in an activity that keeps you active. It also gives the family a good way to bond with each other.

4. Socially active

It is often misunderstood that doing physical activity is the only way to stay active. One can also try and spend some time connecting with family and friends over calls or messages. This way it helps relax the mind and gives the comfort of being involved. Being socially active helps address the feeling of isolation, thereby helping with the stress.

5. Reconnect with old hobbies

At the end of the day, one needs time for themselves. The routine and restrictions can burden the mind and affect health. Therefore, it becomes important to indulge in activities that will keep the mind and the body active. Reconnect with an old hobby and that way you can spend time with yourself as much as you can keep the mind active.

While it is true that the lockdown and the subsequent restrictions have left everyone feeling confined, we can still do things that help us to stay active and fit. Staying active is one way to ensure that we do not let the situation get the better of us.

The author is the Principal of Orchids – The International School, Malad.

(Disclaimer: The views expressed above are the author’s own and do not reflect those of DNA.)

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