A top scientist with Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on Tuesday (January 5) claimed that he was poisoned more than three years ago. Tapan Misra alleged he was poisoned with deadly arsenic trioxide on May 23, 2017, during a promotion interview at ISRO headquarters here.

“I was given a dose of inorganic arsenic mixed in my chutney along with Dosa, in snacks after lunch,” Tapan Mishra told Zee News in an exclusive interview.

Misra is presently working as Senior Advisor at ISRO and is superannuating at the end of this month. He had earlier served as Director of Ahmedabad-based Space Application Centre of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

“I needed to get treated for this poisoning for about two years. I was lucky to stay alive because not many people survive after taking this poison,” Misra added. 

In a Facebook post titled ‘Long Kept Secret’, Misra further claimed that in July 2017, home affairs security personnel met him and alerted him of arsenic poisoning and helped doctors to focus on exact remedy. Misra claimed he later suffered from health issues including severe breathing difficulty, unusual skin eruptions, skin shedding and fungal infections. He also posted the medical report on the social media platform to claim he has been diagnosed with Arsenic toxication by the AIIMS, New Delhi.

“The motive appears to be espionage attack…to remove a scientist with critical contribution of very large military and commercial significance, like expertise in building Synthetic Aperture Radar,” he in the FB post.

“I am retiring in January and before I die or I am killed people should find out all had happened with me,” Misra said.

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