A 23-year-old man from Dhule in Maharashtra, who was live streaming his suicide attempt on Facebook, was miraculously saved by Mumbai Cyber Police, with the help of the Dhule Police. This was possible because the Facebook officials from Ireland alerted the Maharashtra cops in time.

Facebook’s Ireland office contacted in real time the Mumbai police who in turn got their Dhule counterparts to make the last-mile intervention, an official said on Monday. The 23-year-old had slit his wrist on Sunday evening and was uploading it live on Facebook.

Cyber deputy commissioner of police Rashmi Karandikar got a call from the Ireland Facebook staffers at 8:10 pm and she immediately got her team to locate the man’s address, which was accomplished in 25 minutes, said the police

A police team rushed to the youth’s address, traced from his phone number, rescued him and rushed him to the hospital. The youth, Dyaneshwar Patil, tried ending his life around 8 pm on Sunday. The video was spotted by Facebook’s Ireland headquarters. They reported the incident to Deputy Commissioner of Police (Cyber) Rashmi Karandikar.

An officer said, “At 8.10 pm, the Mumbai Cyber Cell received a call from the head office of Facebook in Ireland.” 

Facebook officials also provided three mobile numbers of Patil, but the phones were switched off. Karandikar’s teams managed to locate his address from his phone numbers and informed Dhule Police.

“A team was then sent to his address before 9 pm and they reached just in the nick of time. He had already slit his throat but was still alive,”  the officer said, adding, “He is out of danger now.”

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