In the latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss 14’, Weekend ka Vaar with Salman Khan, the superstar-host expressed that he wasn’t happy with the way contestants were behaving. While mentioning that he has to deal with some ugly fights that have taken place in the house, Salman opens the weekend episode with the issue of housemate Rakhi Sawant getting hurt by Jasmin Bhasin in an earlier task during the week. 

Salman began with taking Jasmin to task and telling her no to blame Bigg Boss, the channel or raise fingers at a certified doctor, referring to the time when Jasmin said in the show that she was deliberately being portrayed in a negative light and she is the face of Colors channel, refusing to listen to Bigg Boss’s announcement where it was clearly told that Rakhi had hurt her nose. 

In the past week, Jasmin denied acknowledging the fact that Rakhi did genuinely injure her nose because of her slipping the hat on Rakhi’s face, despite doctors reports and Bigg Boss disclosing that she was indeed hurt. The ‘Naagin’ actor kept making fun of Rakhi’s cosmetic surgery and told her that she was lying and making up things because she couldn’t do anything better than that. 

On the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan informed the housemates that Rakhi chose to stay back in the house and was on painkillers, adding that had she chosen to get an MRI, which the doctors suggested, she would have had to quarantine for 14 days before getting on the show again. 

Salman then asked Jasmin to apologise to Rakhi after explaining that she indeed was really hurt, and two doctors confirmed it.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan scolded the remaining contestants for making fun of Rakhi and making her feel as if she was an outcast. He pointed at Rubina and told her that to make someone feel less of themselves because they look a certain way or come from a certain background was shameful. 

He stressed that even though Rakhi has a personality that is way different than anyone else, but it is hers and everyone should respect that. He also added that because Rakhi is on the show with the other housemates, she was nothing less than equal to all of them. 

“Rakhi is different but she needs to be appreciated for her own, real and genuine personality. No one knows what all fights and struggles Rakhi has seen in her life. She puts up a brave face and always tries her best to entertain us all,” Salman said. 

Next, Salman Khan addressed the topic where Rubina Dilaik threatened that she won’t cook for anyone in the house for the next 7 days after a fight with Sonali Phogat. Rubina subsequently also had a fight with Arshi Khan. 

After showing footage of their fight, Salman said, “You may be privileged that you sleep in a quiet room with air conditioners but our people stay near bus stands, railway stations and airports and they can easily sleep with all that noise. The industry where you work, you get a lot of work but then suddenly one day you will stop getting work. You won’t know where it all went. Is there a rule that no one can speak at night?” 

Salman said all this in reference to Rubina’s fight with Arshi and Sonali who were talking after the lights went off, consequently ‘disturbing her in her sleep’. 

Salman scolded everyone after Arshi pointed out that everyone does what Rubina says, she sets the rules in the house, she demands and is very arrogant and everyone in the house is scared f her. 

Salman then tells everyone that the entire house is at fault, and not just Rubina, because she behaves in certain ways and others allow her to do it.

Salman also questioned Rubina on one of her actions which she recently did on the show of pointing the little finger at Arshi Khan. When Arshi was fighting with Rubina, the ‘Shakti’ actor showed her the pinkie finger. 

Salman asked Rubina what the action meant? After asking everyone else, Salman said, “You wanted to show another finger but you refrained because this is national television. Everyone understands you meant the other finger.” Rubina, however, explained that she did not intend to do any such thing and only showed Arshi the pinkie finger as an instinctive reaction when she realised the latter was getting irritated and triggered with the action. 

Well, whether things will get better between the contestants after this episode or will it act as a spark that sets off another fire, is to be seen. 

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