After a year of the pandemic, which brought with it lockdowns, deaths, economic instabilities, and anxiety, the world is ready now to start for a new beginning in 2021 people across the globe bid adieu to 2020 and welcomed the fresh year with the hope of health and happiness.

Let’s have a quick look at what awaits Indian in 2021

Vaccine manufacturing

The world will be relying on India for large scale production of vaccine manufacturing and this makes 2021 the most important year.

The Serum Institute of India is producing Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, Hyderabad-based Biological E has made a deal for the shot being developed by Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary.

According to the reports which say Biological E may also manufacture the vaccine being developed by Houston’s Baylor College of Medicine.

Australia’s Griffith University has entered into a partnership with Indian Immunologicals.

Dr. Reddy has a deal to produce 100 million Sputnik V

Apart from large scale vaccine production, India has a greater challenge to deal with, this year India has to equitably distribute the vaccine. India will be supplying 100 million doses of vaccines to middle-income countries to ensure that distribution is not biased towards rich countries.

Bhutan’s prime minister Lotay Tshering has said that India’s lead to develop a vaccine “is a source of hope for all of us”. Besides India has promised 30 million vaccines shot to Bangladesh.

This new year India will be a hope for a global vaccine.

Reviving Economy

This year’s biggest challenge for India will be getting its economy back on track. After independence, it was for the first time India undergoes a recession.

The country needs to re-establish its economy to improve balance sheets and bring changes in monetary policy transmission.

According to the prediction by IMF, it will take India at least three years to recover from the pandemic blow to get its per capita GDP back to pre-pandemic levels.

The opportunity to include more digital technology can increase once the Indian economy gets revived.

The Indo-China challenge

China is another challenge for India in 2021 as a multi-fold hurdle.

Firstly India needs to figure out the ways to weed out Chinese products.

Secondly, India needs to burden off from the Ladakh issue. India should work towards defining the line of actual control or find alternatives or maybe a military option.

Thirdly, the challenge which comes from china is an autocracy, it is up to India to stop the aggressive autocratic wings of china.

The 5G Alliance

5G alliance also awaits India in 2021, a group that will stand opposed to reliance on Chinese technology.

The grouping is expected to include the world’s biggest democracies, India, Australia, South Korea, France, Canada, Germany, Japan, Italy, the US, and the UK.

Along with these countries, India will boycott Chinese products from the world. And will create an alternative pool of 5G equipment and technologies

Terrorism and Regional Stability

India also needs to work towards anti-terrorism and regional stability. The center also has to find a balance between putting its neighborhood first and at the same time forming strategic alliances.

What Awaits the World in 2021, Have a look!

Most people of the world may not get the vaccine till next year, wealthy countries have already secured 51 percent of the supplies, causing poor countries to fall behind.

An estimation of the report says the world needs 15 million doses, but COVAX, the global initiative for equitable access to immunization has agreements in place to secure just around 2 billion doses only.

Poor Countries might have to wait until 2023-2024 for the vaccination, with the shortage of vaccine supply and new strain virus the world may need lockdown again.

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