In an alarming find, researchers in Rome have detected microplastics present in the placenta of several unborn children. Extremely small particles of plastic were found in the placenta of the babies and their mothers although both were healthy.

Though the scientists have nojinq111xzt been able to understand the impact of the microplastic on the babies’ health, however, they say it may cause long-term health hazards on them.

The study, which was published in the journal Environment International says, “In this study, six human placentas, collected from consenting women with physiological pregnancies, were analyzed by Raman Microspectroscopy to evaluate the presence of microplastics.”

The researchers found 12 microplastic fragments of various sizes in 4 of the 6 placentas.

The researcher at the Rome institute, Antonio Ragusa, has said that it is “having a cyborg baby that is no longer made of human cells, but is a mixture of inorganic entities” as well.

“All of them were pigmented; three were identified as stained polypropylene a thermoplastic polymer, while for the other nine it was possible to identify only the pigments, which were all used for man-made coatings, paints, adhesives, plasters, finger paints, polymers and cosmetics and personal care products,” said the study, raising concerns among the experts.

The plastic particles were found on the placenta sides of both the mothers and the babies and the women were shocked at the revelation. It is not known if the plastic may have entered the bodies of the babies but the small nature of the plastic particles could make them flow in the bloodstream.

This shows how hazardous plastic waste is and how it is affecting the environment and livelihoods at large. It is time, human beings start saying no to plastic and products made of plastic. 

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