There has never been any dearth of creative professionals and artists in the entertainment world, be it in our country or the west. The world of entertainment is a world of its own and each day; innumerable talents are born to showcase their passion and uniqueness through their work. One such high-performing and talented gentleman in the Marathi entertainment industry is Swapnil Sanjay Munot, a youngster who has so far created his unique niche as an actor and now has turned into a producer with his newest Marathi serial project titled, ‘Tuza Maza Jamtay’.

If anything that ever attracted and impressed Swapnil Munot right since his childhood, then it was acting and performing. This is the reason he began his career as a child actor at the age of five. His journey started with children’s plays (Baal Natya) and since then, he has never looked back. He went ahead to achieve numerous accolades and awards for his performances and worked in several plays while in college as well. He even won competitions and also in state-level open one-act plays. Across Maharashtra, Swapnil Munot won prizes in Government’s drama competitions and did the direction and acting in competitions in the state.

All these experiences of working in acting and direction helped the youngster hone his skills in the art and develop an astute knowledge about the field. His talent knew no bounds, which helped him bag roles in Marathi films as well. He worked in Kedaar Shinde’s popular film, ‘Kho Kho’. He acted and became a part of the producing team of the Marathi film, ‘Agabai Arechchya 2’.

Working along with the production team helped Swapnil Munot broaden his ideas and insights as a budding producer, which led to him producing his debut film named ‘Triple Seat’ featuring Ankush Chaudhari, Shivani Surve and Pallavi Patil, in which he even acted as Ankush Chaudhari’s friend. The team went ahead to garner a lot of praise and appreciation and this upped Swapnil Munot’s confidence to dive deeper into the industry as a producer. This is how he turned producer for his first Marathi serial Tuza Maza Jamtay, which features Apurva Nemlekar, Roshan Vichare and Monika Bagul. The serial airs on Zee Yuva with the whole set up and cast from Ahmednagar.

To go further in his quest to entertain people and offer them something new Swapnil Munot decided to optimize digital media as well. He started his YouTube channel named ‘Kadak Marathi’, which comes under the banner of ‘Kadak Entertainment.’ This young talent is working upon launching his music record label named ‘Kadak Music’ and organizes ‘Mahakarandak’, which is Maharashtra’s biggest competition.

His Marathi serial on Zee Yuva, ‘Tuza Maza Jamtay’ has earned a loyal base of viewers already, keeping the viewers entertained and excited with each of their episodes. The young actor/producer is highly inspired by his mentor, Mr Narendra Firodia. He wishes to create and bring more interesting and exciting TV and film projects to the Marathi entertainment industry. He also believes that the regional entertainment space must experiment more and make more projects that stand unique from one another.

There’s so much more that Swapnil Munot wishes to do in future and produce many more serials and films that audiences would instantly connect with. Looking at his journey so far, we won’t be surprised if he soon reaches the top of the entertainment game.

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