In a new update regarding the bullet train in India, the first bullet train of the country can be run in two phases. The reason behind it is the issue of land acquisition and the problems associated with it.

It is reported that for the first phase of the bullet train service, the bullet train can be run from Ahmedabad to Vapi. It would cover a 325 km track to run between the two destinations.

In its second phase, the reports say that the bullet train can run from Vapi to Bandra.

In a reply to a question put up by Zee Business, the Chairman of the Railway Board said that it has received success in achieving land acquisition of more than 80 per cent in Gujarat, required for the ambitious bullet train project.

On the other hand, it is said that there are many issues and problems related to land acquisition in Maharashtra. This has led to various hangups and delays in the implementation of the entire project.

According to the Chairman of the Railway Board, they were constantly in talks with the Chief Secretary of the government of Maharashtra. The Maharashtra Chief Secretary assured that as much as 80 per cent of the land acquisition in Maharashtra would be completed in the next three to four months.

However, the Railway Ministry clearly said that if the Maharashtra government did not cooperate, the bullet train can be run in two phases (a two-phased manner).

According to the earlier reports, at least 68 per cent of land acquisition for the bullet train project has been achieved in Gujarat. Civil contracts of Rs 32,000 crore for 325 km of the proposed route of the bullet train have been awarded.

The 508 km bullet train service between Mumbai and Ahmedabad has 2024 as its target year of completion.

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