Petrol Price December 24, 2020 Update: In a relief for daily commuters, the prices of petrol and diesel remained unchanged for the 17th consecutive day on Thursday. Earlier, the prices of petrol and diesel were increased for six consecutive days. On Thursday, the oil marketing companies have decided not to make any change in the prices again.

Earlier, the prices of petrol diesel did not change for 48 consecutive days. Then the rates started rising from November 20. During this period, the rate increased 17 times. Let us tell you that for the first time after March, diesel prices were cut in September. The oil marketing companies had not changed the prices for 82 days, as they had to adjust the increased record excise duty with the falling oil prices.

However, from November 20 till now, oil companies have increased the prices of petrol and diesel 17 times. Petrol prices in Delhi were increased by Rs 2.65 per litre during these 17 days, while diesel prices have increased by Rs 3.40 per litre. Petrol diesel prices went to this level in September 2018.

Today, even on the 17th day, the price of petrol in Delhi is Rs 83.71 per litre, in Mumbai, it is Rs 90.34 per litre. The rate of petrol in Kolkata is Rs 85.19 and the price in Chennai is Rs 86.51 per litre.

Petrol prices in 4 metro cities

Delhi: Rs 83.71Mumbai: Rs 90.34Kolkata: Rs 85.19Chennai: Rs 86.51

Similarly, diesel rates are also the same as yesterday. Diesel is still being sold in Delhi at Rs 73.87 per litre. In Mumbai, the rate of diesel is only 80.51 per litre, in Kolkata also the price of diesel is Rs 77.44 per litre, and diesel in Chennai is Rs 79.21 per litre.

Diesel price in 4 metro cities

Delhi: Rs73.87Mumbai: Rs 80.51Kolkata: Rs 77.44Chennai: Rs 79.21

Fuel rates for the day announced at 6 AM

Petrol and diesel prices, if changed, are updated every day at 6 AM. The new rates come into effect from 6 AM onwards. The price of petrol and diesel almost doubles after adding excise duty, dealer commission and other items.

How to check petrol, diesel prices in your city

You can also know the daily rate of petrol and diesel in your city via SMS. Indian Oil customers can text ‘RSP’ at 9224992249 and BPCL consumers can write ‘RSP’ and send the message to 9223112222. HPCL consumers can find out the price by typing ‘HPPrice’ and sending the SMS to 9222201122.

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