Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir has started its first floating ambulance to provide healthcare benefits to people living in the area.

The floating boats which serve as ambulances are equipped with all the necessary health care facilities and will start their operations on Dal Lake soon.

The idea was conceived by a man named Tariq Ahmad Patloo, a houseboat-owner who had tested positive for coronavirus two months back and used a friend’s boat to visit a hospital.

At that time when I tested positive for coronavirus, nobody came forward to help me except my friend who provided me a boat to reach the hospital. It hurt me a lot and I decided to make the special floating ambulance on boat aimed to help thousands of dwellers who are living in houseboats.”  Patloo told ANI.

The plan to make an emergency services boat was made to treat people who are in desperate need of help in times of an emergency. It is especially catered towards people who are living near Dal lake area.

The ambulance will provide proper health services to people during an emergency. I will try my best to keep all basic facilities including oxygen cylinder, ECG, Oximeter, wheelchair and stretcher and a toll-free number written on it so that people can contact easily,” Patoli said.

Patoli was affected by several stories narrated by doctors who stated that if the patients arrived before 3 to 4 minutes, their lives would be saved. He thinks that this facility will help patients reach hospitals in time.

“It will be helpful to tourists as well. Because during peak tourist season thousands of people from across the world visit the Valley. If they fall sick they need treatment. Now we can provide them timely treatment through this facility,” he added.

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