Mobile phones are ubiquitous in today’s place and time. Men, women, teens, and children in some cases, all are glued to their devices all of their waking hours. According to a new report by the National Family Health Survey, there is a huge difference between the usage of the Internet by men and women in India.

Of the 28 states and eight Union Territories, research on Internet usage was conducted in 17 states and five Union Territories. The results are:

On average, six out of every 10 women in 10 states and two Union Territories in the country have never used the Internet. These biases are the same in the country from poor states like Bihar to affluent states like Maharashtra and Gujarat. On average in Maharashtra, about four out of every 10 women, and in Gujarat, three out of every 10 women have never used the Internet.

It has been observed that there is a direct correlation between women’s literacy rate and Internet usage in the states. In the states where women’s literacy rate is low, the usage of the Internet among them is also low.

The average literacy rate of women in our country is 87 per cent. However, according to this study, the average literacy rate of women in Bihar is only 57 per cent. In this case, Bihar is one of the most backward states of the country and on average in Bihar, eight out of every 10 women have never used the Internet.

Not knowing how to use the Internet or not having access to the same is likened to being illiterate in today’s times. About 74 crore people in India use the Internet and in this case, India is only second to China. When the Internet started, it was believed that these virtual worlds would give everyone an equal opportunity and there will be no discrimination between women and men here.

It is said that women have not got equal rights in the male-dominated society of India. It seems this also holds true for the virtual world.

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