Cricket South Africa’s (CSA) acting CEO Kugandrie Govender has been suspended, owing to various breaches and disciplinary misconducts.

As per CSA Interim Board release, “The CSA Interim Board has delivered a notice of suspension and a disciplinary hearing to CSA’s acting-Chief Executive Officer, Ms Kugandrie Govender, earlier today.”

Govender is the second senior member of the staff, who has been served notice of disciplinary proceedings against her by the interim board, appointed last month. 

The release contained the details of the allegations against Govender while she was the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and Acting CEO of  Cricket South Africa.

  • the role she played in the revocation of media accreditation of certain journalists in December 2019;
  • various breaches of the provisions of the Companies Act as a prescribed officer of CSA; and
  • the role which she played in the dismissal of Mr Clive Eksteen, which CSA has now acknowledged (in terms of a settlement agreement with Mr Eksteen) was an unfair dismissal. 

The hearing will take place on January 28, 2021 where Govender will be allowed to answer to all the allegations against her.

The release also mentioned the new appointment, i.e., of CFO Pholetsi Moseki with an immediate effect.

“The executive management team is being led by CSA Chief Financial Officer, Mr Pholetsi Moseki, with immediate effect.  He has agreed to take on this short-term role and we look forward to working with him. The Chair of the IB also addressed CSA staff this afternoon to allay any concerns they may have and to ensure them all of the IB’s support,” the release said.

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