PUBG Mobile has aggressively banned close to 15 lakh accounts in the last 10 days. The reason behind the ban – these accounts indulged in illegal activities like cheating and hacking. Some accounts have been banned for griefing in PUBG. What is Griefing? It is an individual who deliberately irritates and harasses other players within the game (trolling), using aspects of the game in unintended ways. The individual is called a Griefer. In a report on Inside Sports, PUBG banned all these accounts for three more reasons. X-Ray Vision, Auto Aim Hacks and Speed Hacks. This went against the fairplay policy of the game, which prohibits third party scripts and unfair movement and vision advantage. The report also released a statement and outlined the reasons and the composition of the accounts that were permanently banned.

The prime reason for the bans was users using Auto-Aim hacks. This is used to shoot enemies automatically using third-party scripts. The next offence for whom majority of the accounts were banned were for X-Ray vision and Speed hacks. Some were also suspended for using third party plugins in order to modify the character or the area in which they operated or shot.

The maximum offenders belonged to the Bronze Tier accounts while even the Diamond tier accounts were also banned in large numbers, closely followed by Silver Tier, Platinum and Crown Tier accounts. So, beware, folks! Any hack or third party plugin that enhances speed, character or area will risk permanent banning from PUBG.

PUBG Mobile India delay

There is a fever pitch building up for PUBG Mobile India game as many gamers wait with bated breath. However, the main question amidst all this that has gotten unanswered is when will PUBG Mobile India official be launched in India?

The answer might disappoint plenty of gamers. In all these developments, the official PUBG Corporation has not released a statement. According to a report by Inside Sport, PUBG Mobile game will not be launched in India until and unless the Central Government gives permission. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology that had announced a ban on PUBG and 116 other Chinese apps in September is yet to officially give any relaxation to PUBG.

In order to address the concerns, KRAFTON has tied up with Microsoft Azure to ensure that there is no theft of personal data and there is no breach of security. With the elimination of Tencent, a Chinese entity for PUBG Mobile in India, the presence of any Chinese entity is nil.

The report quoted an unnamed expert who said until or unless the government does not give any relaxation to the game, it can’t make a comeback in India. All these attempts, announcements by PUBG Corp are purely to pacify the government and excite the market.

In all of PUBG’s reported announcements in the Indian market, there has no specific timeline. There was a creative on PUBG’s Instagram page which came out in Diwali stating that the game was coming soon. But, all these steps are just an attempt to keep the market and the legion of gamers in India on their toes. The reality is neither PUBG Corporation has given an official statement and neither has the Central Government given any permission for the game to be launched in the country.

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