There are no second doubts that BTS enjoy the biggest fandom in the form of ARMY. On Sunday, these fans took to Twitter to whip the organizers of MNet Music Awards (MAMA) for excluding the image of one of the members of BTS – Jin.

Kim Seokjin was not part of the edited poster on MAMA, which spoke about the singers performing at the concert. Reminding them about the same, ARMY started trending #BTSis7 on Twitter.

An ARMY member shared, “I’m going to say that MAMA staffs don’t know how to count. They said 10 minute but BTS coming out 2 artist and approximately 6 performances. And #BTSis7 #BTS #WHEREISJIN #JIN @MnetKR @MnetMAMA.”

Here are some other reactions:

Jin had celebrated his birthday on December 4. He indulged in a video chat with the ARMY on the day. Jin also gave the fans another surprise by also bringing in his K-pop band BTS’ members in the video call.

Jin was seen on sets with them. He revealed that his band members had planned a surprise birthday party for him at the studio during the day. After revealing the same, Jin had called V. It was during the call that he realized Taehyung was still filming.

Jin revealed that he received nearly eight videos from V’s friends and was touched by the sweet gesture. He also spoke to Jimin, who sang various songs for Jin on his birthday.

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