For a newspaper column, filmmaker, poet and journalist Pritish Nandy wrote on Love Jihad. One of his statements read as “If India opens its heart, it can win over everyone. But first, it must learn to reject hate&respect the courage of those who dare to love. For they are the ones who will build tomorrow’s India, not the blind bhakts who feed off the rage.” This column did not go well with many including Kangana Ranaut.

The actor took to her Twitter page and in a series of tweets slammed Nandy for his thoughts on Love Jihad. She tweeted, “Sir your views on love and jihad are so myopic that I wonder if you are naive or simply cunning. Even a dumb person knows love jihad only applies to frauds who cheat by hiding identities and later force conversion. Why are you talking about love marriages here I don’t get?”

Kangana further tweeted, “What is wrong with these dumb fools who give them the space to write any rubbish, he is calling fraud marriages where men cheat women by hiding names and identities when they get caught women are beheaded or burnt alive he is trying to project such evil practices as love.”

It also read as “Mr Nandi get one thing straight love is based on honesty and truth. Love transcends religions, caste and even nationalities. But when one partner lies about his identity and cheats other that is not love in such cases when women survive and complain then only they are called love jihad cases.”

Kangana concluded by tweeting, “Don’t you write your perverted overtly romanticised teenager like mess using love jihad and glorifying it. these women seeking help and we need strong laws to help them. We need to protect our people those like you who come in the way will be crushed.”

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