It’s the first time in three decades that Sopore, the native town of separatist leader Syed Ali Soper that once remained a hotbed for militancy witnessed the first-ever tonga rally of Bhartiya Janta Party. 

The rally was organised by the BJP leaders and local tonga walas of the area as part of the election campaigning for DDC polls.

It’s for the first time since terrorism broke out in Kashmir that a Tonga rally was held in favour of BJP in the area. BJP leaders participating the rally said it’s a message that people want peace and development. 

A BJP leader said, “We want to put a message across the people of the area to come and vote in favour of BJP a Candidate for the development of the area.”

The BJP Sopore unit organised the Rally in Mazbugh area of the town and tongas were decorated with BJP’s flags. Party leaders and supporters roamed around the town amid tight security. 

The chief guest of the rally, Vibodh Gupta, BJP General Secretary and J&K affairs in-charge, while addressing the supporters said “in Gillani’s Sopore today, tonga walas had taken a rally in support of Modi ji. This is historic and gives the message that Kashmir is changing, Sopore is changing. Kashmir wants peace, Kashmir wants brotherhood, Kashmir wants tourism, and this message is given by tonga walas.” 

While talking to media, Gupta said, “we want to give Kashmir peace progress and development. Kashmir needs peace. Modi ji has decided to bring peace to the region and make this place back like 1987 when it was the first attraction of tourists and Bollywood. We were not able to do anything before the abrogation of Article 370 but after the abrogation, we have empowered people on the ground level. This election will change the politics of Kashmir.”

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