Eijaz Khan’s revelation about having a problem with ‘touch’ let everyone in shock and made people sad not only inside Bigg Boss 14 house but on social media too. After talking about getting molested as a child, Eijaz got the immunity stone and became the first finalist of the season. The actor was extremely close to Pavitra Punia inside the house who got evicted on Sunday from the show.

Now, Pavitra took to her Instagram page and penned her thoughts on knowing about Eijaz’s childhood trauma. She got emotional while writing and she shared the video in which Eijaz spoke about it.

Pavitra wrote, “Socha nahi tha yeh likh paaungi apne hathon se… aur itni himmat juta paungi… par likhna chahti hoon… It shattered me completely after knowing yesterday that what you been through. It broke me inside and I remembered every time you used to say ‘mujhe touch mat karo‘ (when we used to fight) but you had faith in me and I somehow was able to give the warmth that you crave for and have been craving for since childhood and all this while after been through that trauma.”

She added, “I am super proud that I know your heart and soul and what a beautiful human being you are. My respect and fondness have increased 10 folds #strongerthanever. It takes a lot to confess the deepest darkest secrets and you proved it that ‘YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES! Ma winner’. ‘Khuda ka bachha‘ #eijazkhan #khansaab #jilleilahi #pavitrapunia #sherni #PP #don #pavijaz.”

Check out the post below:

Soon after she got evicted, Pavitra declared that she wants Eijaz to be the winner of Bigg Boss 14. She wrote on her Instagram page, “I support Eijaz. Keep supporting him, my people. You the best #eijazkhan #pavitrapunia #eijazkhan #sherni #don @eijazkhan.”

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