Michael Schumacher, the former seven-time Formula One champion, has been battling for his health ever since he suffered devastating head injuries in a skiing accident seven years ago. The updates on his condition have been few and far, with Michael Schumacher’s family requesting utmost privacy as the Formula One legend continues to battle for his life. However, one update by Michael Schumacher’s former Ferrari boss and current FIA head Jean Todt might gladden the hearts of millions of Michael Schumacher fans. Todt is one of the few individuals who can visit Schumacher once or twice in a month and he gave a very positive update.

In an interview with RTL France, Jean Todt indirectly revealed that Michael Schumacher is conscious of whatever is happening as he stated that he is following his son Mick Schumacher’s journey in motorsport.

“Of course he is following him. Mick is probably going to race in Formula 1 next year which will be a great challenge. We would be delighted to have a new Schumacher at the highest level of motor racing,” Todt said.

Mick Schumacher is dominating the F2 circuit and many believe that he will jump into Formula One and make his debut, potentially with Aston Martin in the 2021 season. However, when probed deeper into his condition, Todt respected the privacy of the Schumacher family. “This is a question on which I am going to be extremely reserved. I see Michael very often – once or twice a month. My answer is the same all the time – he fights. We can only wish for him and his family that things get better,” Todt said.

Schumacher the gold standard

Michael Schumacher set the bar high in Formula One during the first decade of the new millennium. He forged a formidable partnership with Ferrari as they won five straight world championships from 2000 to 2004. Schumacher has set the benchmark as he became the first driver to win seven F1 titles and he also held the record for the most wins with 91.

However, in 2020, Lewis Hamilton has managed to shatter Schumacher’s record as he has won 94 races and has equaled Schumacher’s other record to become a seven-time world champion. Hamilton might go on to break other records, but the original gold standard of modern F1 will always be Michael Schumacher.

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