Oscar-nominated producer Charles Gordon has succumbed to cancer in Los Angeles. He was 73. Gordon has produced films such as ‘Field of Dreams’, ‘Die Hard’, ‘October Sky’ and ‘Waterworld’.

He has even shared an Oscar nomination with older brother and frequent producing partner Lawrence Gordon, on the Kevin Costner baseball drama for his work on Universal’s Field of Dreams (1989), the heart-tugging baseball drama that starred Kevin Costner and was written and directed by Phil Alden Robinson (Driving Miss Daisy won for best picture that year), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Although he was 11 years younger, he was more like an older brother to me in many parts of my life. He was a wonderful family man with excellent judgment. On our movies, he was invaluable,” Lawrence Gordon told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement.

The brothers also produced other films including Die Hard 2 (1990), Leviathan (1989), Lock Up (1989), K-9 (1989), Unlawful Entry (1992) and The Rocketeer (1991). Gordon also produced the 2015 film Hitman: Agent 47.

Apart from film, he has also executive produced television shows including ‘The Renegades’, ‘Just Our Luck’, ‘Lone Star’, ‘The Streets’, ‘Our Family Honor’ and ‘Things That Go Bump’.

Gordon was born on May 13, 1947, and raised in Belzoni, Mississippi. He is survived by his children, Jamie, Kate and Lily, and wife, Lynda.

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